Roll-up and Display

Roll-up and display re the right products when you need an ad which is easily transported and erected. In an instant you get couple of square meters of nice and durable advertising space. Roll-up and display suit ie. to fairs, events, launches or as a permanent noticeboard in the lobby. Choose an easy way to show your message!


Roll-ups can be found in several sizes; The basic model is 85 x 200 cm. If you need a big and easy ad, you can choose a roll-up in size 200 × 200 cm. And since small is pretty, we have also tiny table models in size A4 or A3. These can be used as a noticeboard on the table or at the service counter.

Roll-up package includes printed banner, case, top profile, rod and bag.


Display is even lighter than roll-up. It’s size is 65 x 200 cm and package includes printed banner, profiles, rod and bag.

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