Company flag, advertising flag, logo flag – a beloved child has many names. Flying flag is a good landmark. Clean flags in front of the company give a positive image of the company and guide the customers to the site. The flag is also a great advertising place; it’s time to raise a flag when launching a new product, starting a campaign or showing up in an event. The flag has many uses!

We manufacture flags of high quality materials. For areas where flags get easily dirty, you should choose a 115 g knitted polyester. If you want a particularly long-term flags, you should choose the most durable knitted polyester, which will last up to 3 times longer than an ordinary knitted polyester. We print flags also on traditional, high-quality 155 g woven polyester.

The most common flag models are horizontal, vertical and wall flag. Size of the flag depends on the height of the flagpole; height of the horizontal flag is generally 1/6 of the height of the pole and height of the vertical flag 1/3 of the height of the pole.

Better visibility with the special flags

If you want that the logo is displayed even in the calm weather, you can purchase flag extender or banner bar that keeps the flag always open. Flag extender is a lightweight and affordable solution. Banner bar-systems are more durable and we have 2 versions; fixed banner bar and banner lift.

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