Banderols are an easy and inexpensive way to advertise! Banderols can be hung on the fence and wall, between the posts and trees, on the rails etc. – almost everywhere.

Fabric banderol is easy to take to the events, because it is light and takes just little space. Installation is extra easy with the banner fix; ground screw and banderol poles that are fast to install. The poles are suitable for up to 500 × 100 cm banderol.

Banderol is also a great tool for Point-of sales advertising. You can capture the attention of passers during the campaigns or to strengthen the corporate image – right where your customers are. Banderols work great for both indoor and outdoor advertising. Visibility is particularly good when you install banderol to an easy assembly display.

We manufacture banderols according to your needs and wishes. The materials and colors are durable and high quality. With our help you can increase your visibility!


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